When I saw Back to the Future on telly for the first time as a kid, I became a huge fan instantly. It's my favourite film ever. Welcome to my Back to the Future fanpage!
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In 2014, London-based company 'Secret Cinema' set off to create something very special. The venue – 12 events with 3,000 visitors each – sold out in just four hours in spite of people knowing very little what it was about. 12 additional dates were added that have sold out as well. Then, it seemed as if the organizers have bitten off more than they could chew. The first week had to be cancelled at (too) short notice. They didn't finish or hadn't received all the necessary permits in time – we'll never know. But when it finally happened, Hill Valley really came to life.
Me at #SecretHillValley, 10th August 2014
Secret Cinema had built the Peabody farm including livestock, suburban Hill Valley and the town square complete with court house, a giant Lou's Diner, Hill Valley High School, and numerous stores, at a secret London location a.k.a. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park near Westfield Stratford City shopping centre. All visitors were given a Hill Valley name and occupation and were asked to dress up accordingly – 1955 style – and to bring several items. We, for example, were students and had to bring homework and photos of ourselves as a child and now as well as a photo of our favourite actor to put in the High School's locker. We could participate in school lessons and everything but decided to skip that. Marty would skip school, too. Or at least turn up late.
There was so much to see in Hill Valley! Doc Brown's mansion where he performed experiments. The Texaco petrol station where employees dance around visitors, several stores, some of which professionally operated, like a travel agency where you could book real-life voyages. There was also the cinema which actually showed Cattle Queen of Montana with Ronald Reagan, the film shown by BTTF Hill Valley's cinema. We've also found an almost hidden 80s Caf with a great live rock band where you could buy Rubik's cubes, t-shirts and the like.
We had a burger and a milk shake at Lou's Diner (operated by Byron high-qulity burger chain), encouraged a very great Goldie Wilson lookalike to run for Mayor, observed several interactions between actors and visitors, took pictures with the disposable cameras sold on-site (electronic devices were strictly banned as they didn't exist in 1955), enjoyed ourselves and soaked up the atmosphere as much as we could.
In the evening, after several hours of strolling around, people started to settle down on the Courthouse Square. The film (Back to the Future part I) started to great cheering. Bob Gale, co-writer of Back to the Future, was there as a special guest and was deeply impressed. So were we. A lot of key scenes were reenacted by actors simultaneously as the film progressed. When the DeLorean Time Machine backed out of Doc's van on the screen, a DeLorean Time Machine appeared from under the screen. Libyans in a VW bus chased Marty in the DeLorean around the square we sat on, resulting in the time jump which was accompanied by flashs of lights and a lot of smoke. Later on, Marty ran over Biff's car and jumped back onto his skateboard. Doc was up by the clock and slid down the cable.
Secret Hill Valley was a truly amazing experience. I'd go again without any hesitation.
Watch the video:
Secret Cinema presents Back to the Future


BTTF Live in Concert

For its 30th anniversary, Back to the Future is shown with Alan Silvestri's music removed from the movie and instead played live by an about 50 man (and women) strong orchestra. The world premiere took place at the KKL concert hall in Lucerne, Switzerland, on May 30, 2015. The Swiss '21st Century Orchestra' has already performed live concerts of films like Pirates of the Carribean or the latest Star Trek endeavours.
Back to the Future Live in Concert at KKL, May 30, 2015
Two days before the event, the organiser announced that a DeLorean time machine would be stationed at nearby the Schweizerhof hotel and then at the venue during the concert. I was hardly able to contain myself. I was very excited.
Back to the Future Live in Concert at KKL, May 30, 2015
We arrived around noon and headed straight for the hotel. There it was: a pristine DeLorean time machine. I got to talk to the owner for quite some time which was brilliant. It's not the original film car but was built by the original team with much love. We'll meet again in July when his car will be on display at the London Film and Comic Con and maybe again to have a go in the car.
Back to the Future Live in Concert at KKL, May 30, 2015
I also got the opportunity to ask the film's composer Alan Silvestri for an autograph. In the evening, the organiser let us in early to take some pictures with the car. I was even allowed to sit in it which was an incredible experience. When other guests started to arrive, I talked to a handful of guys dressed as Marty McFly. One was dressed up as future Marty from part II, and a gentleman flew in from Serbia for the event. I had the time of my life!
Back to the Future Live in Concert at KKL, May 30, 2015
The concert was excellent. From the front row of the first balcony, we had a great view of the orchestra. Watching them play along and watching the film at the same time was very exciting. Alan Silvestri was there as well and had a blast. The standing ovation at the end of the concert was as much a reward for him as for the conductor.
Back to the Future Live in Concert at KKL, May 30, 2015
After the concert, people assembled once again around the DeLorean which now sported the Mr. Fusion coffee grinder and the 2015 bar code licence plate. It looked magnificent in the dark with its lights and smoke. A true masterpiece worthy of being the centre of attention.

London Film & Comic Con

Christopher Lloyd will appear at the London Film & Comic Con 2015! Wow! What an opportunity to meet Doc Brown! I booked tickets as soon as they became available. We're up for any excuse to travel to London and were able to combine the trip with this year's Secret Cinema event of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
Then, it got even better: Michael J Fox was announced to be there, too! It's a huge thing as he didn't appear at such events in, like, ever. And not only him but more than ten cast members of the BTTF trilogy in total! July can't come quick enough!
London Film & Comic Con 2015
Outside of the Olympia venue
London Film & Comic Con 2015
Michael J Fox talk
London Film & Comic Con 2015
BTTF booth where Caseen Gaines was signing his book 'We don't need Roads – The Making of the BTTF Trilogy'
London Film & Comic Con 2015
Being intimidated by Griff
London Film & Comic Con 2015
Cast talk with 'Marvin Berry' singing Earth Angel
London Film & Comic Con 2015
Clock photo with Michael J Fox
London Film & Comic Con 2015
Clock photo with Christopher Lloyd
London Film & Comic Con 2015
DeLorean photo with Michael J Fox
London Film & Comic Con 2015
DeLorean photo with Christopher Lloyd
There were Marty McFlys and Doc Browns running around everywhere! With great costumes such as the wild west Doc complete with his long gun. And some Biffs and Griffs. It was really too hot inside the venue and queueing for the photos was horrible. We still had a great time, listened to talks and enjoyed seeing Michael J Fox getting more and more relaxed after being rather stressed at first. He's a great and funny guy and it was incredible meeting him.

October 21, 2015

Welcome to the future, Doc, Marty and Jennifer! Doc Brown takes the couple to the year 2015 to mend their children's future in Back to the Future part II.
October 21, 2015
They arrive at 4.29pm on October 21, 2015. Future Day was the biggest event of every BTTF fan around the world. We would finally get Hoverboards, flying cars, self-tying shoes and other things that were predicted 26 years ago.
October 21, 2015
I took a great picture during my lunch break with my feet resting on the Hoverboard flying in mid air while watching the BTTF2 scene with the time display. Did you note the Flux Capacitor and the Mr Fusion in the background?
October 21, 2015
At 4.29pm Swiss time on October 21, 2015, we were doing 88 (but kilometers per hour, not miles) on our way to a nearby cinema to watch all three Back to the Future films. The tickets included a Bratwurst and bread during the first break and a Pepsi for each film. I was in my full Marty McFly attire and got compliments for even having the right watch, while my wife was wearing her Jaws 19 t-shirt.
October 21, 2015
Our own Back to the Future pary took place the Saturday after Future Day. Like in the film, we hydrated a Pizza, drank Pepsi Perfect and rode a Hoverboard. A lot of preparation went into the event. Like putting stickers on Pepsi cans.
October 21, 2015
I've also built a Hydrator with working lights. We took the small dehydrated pizza out of its foil, put it on a plate and hydrated it on level 4. A few seconds later, the life-size, sizzling pizza was ready to be taken out of the machine. It was delicious!
October 21, 2015
We turned the cellar into a greenscreen room by sticking green paper table cloth to the walls. Standing on the hoverboard proved to be tricky as the two tea cans I've placed it on were not only slippery but also not supporting our weight. Each of us fell down but I've left these bits in the film as it was always intended to be just a humorous tribute. Watch the video:

And here's the Pizza Hydrator video! By the way: There was no (video) trickery done with this one. I really put the small pizza inside and pulled the large one out some seconds later:

A big thanks to my wife, sister and our friends who joined us for the occasion. They were all up for recording the videos and even cut the peperoni slices to a smaller diameter to look more like in the film. And they put up with my impression of a rather bossy director.

About Me

I love Science Fiction, films and television and especially Back to the Future which is my favourite film. I work as a community manager of an online community for Swiss abroad as well as as a self-employed web publisher. Besides that, I'm a hobby cook, blogger and petrolhead. I'm currently 38 years old.
A Back to the Future fan through time:
Me and a DeLorean time machine
1990, a car show, Mulhouse, France
Me and a DeLorean time machine
1999, Universal Studios Florida, USA
Me and a DeLorean time machine
2006, Universal Studios Florida, USA
Me in a DeLorean time machine
2015, KKL Lucerne, Switzerland
London Film & Comic Con 2015
2015, London Film & Comic Con, London, UK
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I've got my own Flux Capacitor (no. 562 of 1000 of the limited edition Diamond Select Toys' original production), a Mattel Hoverboard, Holo cap, 2015 licence plate, Grey Sports Almanac, Mr. Fusion Krups coffee grinder (3, to be precise), Hill Valley phone book page, Shah Safari shirt, and lots of small things.
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Back to the Peugeot

As chairman of the Swiss Peugeot fan club from 2003–2006, I introduced and organized a nation-wide yearly meeting for Peugeot enthusiasts, each themed after a well-known film or TV series. I designed the flyer and websites, too. After Matrix and Finding Nemo, our third Swiss Peugeot meeting had to be Back to the Future themed: "Back to the Peugeot". We even built a time machine out of an old Peugeot with the help of fellow club members.
I admit that the result wasn't as crisp as we'd hoped, given that we were amateurs, pressed for time and the colour looked more convincing on the paint can than on the car. At least I completed the car with my own Mr Fusion coffee grinder.


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Lego Time Machine

Oh yes. I stayed up to order the Lego DeLorean Time Machine right as it became available at the Lego online store. I used to spend lots of time playing with Lego as a child and putting together the Time Machine reminded me a lot of that carefree time. It's a pity that they didn't include a hoverboard or different versions of Doc and Marty from the three films (the DeLorean may be adapted to suit the three films) and only a basic skateboard in a wrong colour.



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